Pre Cut DIY Grand Cherokee Bumper Upgrades Have Much to Offer to Off Road Enthusiasts

Many Jeep Grand Cherokee owners like to head off road, and plenty of good times typically await. Prepping a WJ-generation Grand Cherokee to make it even more suitable for off-road use, though, can be an even better option.

Installing WJ Jeep Bumpers that are ready to handle more abuse than factory parts and which provide additional functionality can easily be one of the most productive moves of all. DIY Jeep Bumpers that keep costs down while delivering plenty of benefits are the top choices for many informed Grand Cherokee owners.

Better Bumpers Excel Off Road

Jeep fits most of its vehicles, by default, with parts that are designed to please the widest possible audience. In many cases, this means balancing off road performance and capability against the qualities that satisfy everyday driving needs.


Bumpers that are designed purely to excel in off road environments can be beneficial in a number of important ways. The best do-it-yourself upgrade kits on the market check all the boxes with regard to:

Fit. Bumpers that fit poorly can get caught on debris while looking unappealing in the process. Fortunately, there are companies that are devoted to producing bumpers that fit and look better than even factory-stock parts. That is especially true of the most popular versions of the Grand Cherokee among off road enthusiasts, among which the WJ is a clear leader. As a result, WJ Grand Cherokee owners will never need to worry about bumpers that look out of place or otherwise fit badly.

Toughness. Given that much of the point of installing aftermarket bumpers is normally to enable more ruggedness and reliability, selecting parts that excel in this respect should always be a priority. Products made from thick steel that has been cut precisely to shape will handle the most severe abuse when taken off road. Being able to count on a Jeep’s bumpers shrugging off even relatively serious impacts makes heading off road more enjoyable.

Options. Bumpers can do more than protect a Jeep’s most delicate parts, as well. From products that are designed for mounting winches to those that come ready to accept tire carriers, there are some appealing features to choose from.

Affordable, Functional, and Accessible

With some high-quality bumpers living up to all these standards and others, Jeep owners who enjoy driving off road have some great options to explore. Fitting a new set of tougher, stronger bumpers to a Grand Cherokee can go a long way toward maximizing its capabilities off road.

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